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Advantages of Micro Inverters:

  • With partial shading, only the effected panels produce less energy and they don't influence any other panels.
  • Panels in different angles and orientations can be used in one and the same system.
  • Dirty panels no longer influence any other panels.
  • With different ageing per panel none is influencing any other panel.
  • The initial tolerance in the power figures has no influence from one panel to the other. Each panel independantly adds to the total as much as it can.
  • No noise or heat generating equipment in the house. is.
  • Only low DC voltages on the roof add to the total system safety.

Extra advantages of APS Micro inverters:

  • Operating at lower light levels than other Micro Inverters. The MPPT keeps working until far below the 20V. Just that extra Watt and longer mornings and evenings keeps adding to the total. 
  • The double version YC500i has 2 separate inputs but also 2 separate MPPT's for power control and monitoring per panel.
  • The mounting frame is automatically earthed when placing the Micro Inverter on the frame.
  • Increased lifespan thanks to the completely potted electronics. This prohibits moisture to reach the electronics parts and prevents the circuitry from developing hotspots.
  • The inputs and with that the panels are completely isolated from the mains with a HF transformer. Very safe!


See the differences
Solar panels without any shades. Limited difference in energy yield.
APS micro inverter zonnepanelen plat dak focus-e aps micro inverter zonnepanelen grafiek
Solar panels with a shadow on 2 cells. The yield difference is more visible.
aps micro inverter schaduw op zonnecellen aps micro inverter grafiek zonnepanelen
Solar panels with a stripe of shade. There is a big difference in energy yield.
aps micro inverter test zonnepanelen aps micro inverter test grafiek zonnepanelen
Tainted panels, the difference is significant.
aps micro inverter zonnepanelen met vuil aps micro inverter test zonnepanelen met vuil grafiek